Nutrition: energy to the world

Written by Elena Cozzi. Posted in EXPO EN

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The protagonists of the food chain, farmers, experts of nutrition, food companies and logistics wonder how to provide healthy and safe food to the world population that will be reach 9 billon people in the year 2050.


Italian green economy

Written by Alessandra Savant. Posted in EXPO EN

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Green economy is becoming one of the main economic development strategies worldwide. Combining tradition and innovation, sustainability and quality, its production model is a way to achieve competitiveness. Investing in ecotechnologies enables firms to undertake productions with higher value added and to acquire positions of leadership internationally in a sector whose economic and technologic potential is very high.

This is why green economy is the object of several private industrial enterprises in all advanced countries, where the shortage of natural resources, the production of energy from renewable sources and the recycling of production and consumption waste have by now become topical; therefore it is precisely from environment preservation that the development and the relaunch of economy must start, so as to ensure its sustainability. Green economy seems to be a promising way to get out of the economic crisis and to attain stability.



Park of Expo 2015

Written by Luciana Francesca Rebonato. Posted in EXPO EN

Parco agricolo sud Expo 930x500
Milan Southern Agricultural Park, the “park of Expo 2015”

Let’s give up with stereotypes. Milan is “green”, although in the collective imagination the town has very few green areas dedicated to outdoor activities. But you just need to have a look at figures that underline the presence of remarkable fields and green areas spread in every corner of the town.