Nutrition: energy to the world

Written by Elena Cozzi. Posted in EXPO EN

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The protagonists of the food chain, farmers, experts of nutrition, food companies and logistics wonder how to provide healthy and safe food to the world population that will be reach 9 billon people in the year 2050.

The present production system, the storage and the consumption of food doesn’t meet the present and the future world needs. What we eat is the consequence of the history of the human kind and reminds us about the importance that some kinds of food have had for the development of many cultures such as the wheat in Europe, the corn in Mexico, the rice in Asia and the millet in Africa.
Every community has its own food habits that are affected by the environmental, weather and cultural conditions: in some poor countries they always eat the same type of food since it can easily grow and meals can’t vary since it would be too expensive. That produces a lack of vitamins and proteins and all the precious nutritive substances that make a healthy organism.

We can talk about food sustainability nowadays that is making all suitable choices that reduce the impact on the environment and protect the human rights. The nutrition of modern human beings contains very few nutrients, tastes and diversity so we must go back to our traditions and culture in order to offer a sustainable diet with a low environmental impact aimed at protecting the biodiversities and that can be appreciated from the cultural and economic point of view, safe and healthy so that natural and human resources can be saved.
A healthy and natural diet must provide the organism with the suitable nutrients and respect the nature and the environment: that’s why the world will meet in Milan, at the Milan Expo 2015.

Elena Cozzi

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