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Milan Southern Agricultural Park, the “park of Expo 2015”

Let’s give up with stereotypes. Milan is “green”, although in the collective imagination the town has very few green areas dedicated to outdoor activities. But you just need to have a look at figures that underline the presence of remarkable fields and green areas spread in every corner of the town.

Starting from the core of town with 386.000 square meters of the Sempione Park around the Sforzesco Castle and 172.000 square meters of the public gardens Indro Montanelli, around 100 thousand square meters of the former Parco Trotter, 1.627.724 square meters of Forlanini Park followed by 1.350.000 square meters of Parco delle Cave (park of the quarries) – featured by a number of tracks into the woods and spotted with small lakes -  800.000 square meters of Boscoincittà (Woods in the city), 773.000 square meters of Lambro Park, 590.000 square meters of Trenno Park. Without mentioning the Milan Northern Park that features 640 hectares of green land and it’s one of the best examples of a park surrounding a town.

That’s not enough. During the Milan Expo 2015 the attention will be mainly focused on the Milan Southern Agricultural Park (Parco Agricolo Sud Milano), the “park of Expo 2015”, featuring  47thousand hectares  and representing one of the biggest areas aimed at feeding itself and the planet. An amazing space that coverss almost fifty per cent of the provincial area around Milan where historical farms, agricultural productions, natural, cultural and environmental resources are gathered and they might become the Biosphere’s Reserve. That means being awarded with the International praise from UNESCO for the keeping and protection of the environment within the program “Man and Biosphere”.

The Milan Southern Agricultural Park might become the biggest European Agricultural Park, the symbol of rural preservation and biodiversity. A great protagonist of Milan Expo 2015 and also a unique heritage to highlight the useful and profitable combination of productive reality and historical culture of the territory.

Luciana Francesca Rebonato
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