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 Is a sensory journey, one through the flavors of Italian cuisine. The pizza is one of the national glories and his identity card that reveals a more long-lived tradition. And the pasta? Exported throughout the world, is a source of national pride even the subject of literary compositions since the sixteenth century. The term "spaghetti", even, was recorded for the first time in 1819 by the "Dictionary of the Italian language”.

Pasta e pizza: the standard of good eating that no one would wish to do without. The fact is that everyone interprets these things in their own way, drawing from an unparalleled variety o recipes. If appetite comes from eating, then you must taste the icons of the Italian table, a triumph of spaghetti, fusilli, maccheroni, pennette, orecchiette, farfalle, rigatoni, fettuccine, pappardelle, agnolotti, tortelli, tortellini, ravioli and… the list  is very long.
Each region and even each town is featured by thousands of dishes that are prepared according to a huge range of recipes that are very often rooted in the past and are renewed with a lot of imagination and mastery.

With the invaluable assistance of famed wines: very good wine can be found in Piedmont and Tuscany and the names of these wines very often become the symbols of the National oenology. Would You like to know some names? Barolo, Grignolino, Barbaresco,  Gattinara, Roero, Brachetto d’Acqui and Barbera in Piedmont while in Tuscany the Classical Chianti, the Brunello from Montalcino. Even Veneto must be highlighted with Amarone of Valpolicella,  Recioto of Valpolicella and Sicily too deserves to be mentioned with the Cerasuolo from Vittoria and the Nero d’Avola while Emilia Romagna is famous for Lambrusco and Abruzzo for the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane. And after the parade of red wines it is the black ones’ turn; there are plenty of white wines in Friuli-Venezia Giulia with the ones produced on the Eastern hills of the region such as the Picolit and the Recioto of Soave. The Verdicchio of the castles area in Jesi (Marche), the  Vermentino from Liguria, the Alcamo of Sicily, the Lugana from Veneto, the Gewürztraminer from Alto Adige and the Vernaccia of San Gimignano in Tuscany are also very good.

In addition to pizza, pasta and wine of Italy boasts culinary traditions to everything taste even in the context of meats, cheeses, the famous Italian extra virgin olive oil... 
From the coast rich in fish and seafood recipes to the peaks of the mountains with typical taste ... all this and much more is "Italy flavors".


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