The first 100 things to do in Italy!

Written by Luciana Francesca Rebonato. Posted in ITALY

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1. Driving a Ferrari during a drive-test in Maranello (Emilia Romagna) where the most famous car company in the world has been based since 1943: the most famous “red car”, the roar of the engine and the adrenalin at its highest level, that’s how it goes with the Formula 1!

2. Spending at least one day to visit the “Vatican Museums” in Rome: more than 70.000 exhibited objects – and 50.000 more in the warehouses that keep the works by the greatest artists, gathered by the Popes or ordered by them during the past centuries. These works can be seen in the different art galleries that are located in the pope’s palaces that were meant for very few privileged people in the past. The highest point is reached in the rooms and the Raffaello’s loggia, followed by the “Deposition from the cross “ by Caravaggio. The Sistine Chapel is a must, it is decorated with amazing frescos by Perugino, Ghirlandaio, Signorelli, Botticelli and Rosselli. Michelangelo contributed to its fame since he decorated the vault (1508-1512) and painted Adam and Eve, Noah and other characters from the Genesis.

3. Going through the heart of Venice (Veneto), the Big Channel, on board of ferry-boats and gondolas: the channel runs through the heart of Venice along four kilometres drawing a big upside down “S” and it offers an amazing view of the Serenissima (the most serene) coming out from water.

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