Milan farmhouses, a rural heritage

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They give off an old charm that is also extraordinarily contemporary, they are the farmhouses of Milan, icons of rural Milan; the perfect move from agriculture to modernity. The 2015 Milan-Expo farmhouses will open their shutters to the world and everyone will have the chance to find the identity of a recent past where men and land used to share the same breath, a mix of past, present and future focused on a historical agricultural and cultural heritage. 

 There are several historical farmhouses that have recently come to new life while others have been keeping on with their agricultural spirit featuring cereal crops and animals breeding thus producing a farm-to-table "eco-sustainable agriculture". A few names? Cascina Cuccagna, Cascina Merlata, Cascina Grande from Chiaravalle, Cascina Monluè, Cascina Chiesa Rossa and many others.

Farmhouses, courtyards, old mills, barns, cultivations, oil mills: perfect sites for the theme of Milan Expo 2015 “Feed the planet, Energy for life; spotlight will be focused on agricultural and food products and on the role of the geographic area. Actually, a network of social, cultural, productive and environmental connections move around these farms since understanding a town also means searching for its deepest identity. Farms are true witness of the fulfillment of men and women that have built and traced the history and cultural identity of Milan through ages.

Among these farmhouses one will have a leading role during Expo 2015; it is Cascina Triulza, that will host Non-Governmental-Organizations and Associationsthat take part in the Universal Exposition 2015: its buildings will be restyled to host exhibition areas, a conference room and an area dedicated to catering and food service.

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