Milan, nights of notes

Written by Luciana Francesca Rebonato. Posted in MILAN

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Suffused music or insistent rhythms, trendy clubs or theme places with Caribbean or Zen taste, exotic or focused on the jazz or the blues: the night shows a town where the good time is matched with style, where plenty of notes and shades are mixed with an International soul.

 Milan Expo 2015 will open its shutters to miscellaneous crowds and won’t disappoint you: the metropolis is spread with charming clubs where you can taste the music and food that remind the echo of distant places in the world. From sunset to dawn, time is made of the rhythm of notes full of energy or the enchanting notes of blues or the seductive Eastern dances that contrast the electric sounds of rock.

Milan Expo 2015 is once again proving itself as the “town for gathering” either for business reasons or to spend nice evenings with friends and sipping cocktails and drinks while being captured by the music. Milan will always surprise you by offering its many different facets, sounds and tastes.

Luciana Francesca Rebonato
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