Milan: the typical dishes of tradition

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When you taste the typical dishes of Milan you’ll also taste a bit of history. The first very famous dish is the “yellow risotto” that holds the essence of the past cuisine from Milan: the rice has been cultivated since the XVth century thanks to the reclamation of the land by the Visconti and the Sforza families, then the butter, the main element of the cuisine from the North, the ox’ marrow and the saffron were added ; the saffron is not really from Milan but according to the legend it was added thanks to the imagination of a master glass-worker who was working for the Cathedral’s glass walls colouring.

 The “cotoletta” is very famous too, it is a slice of veal with its bone, breaded and then fried in butter, it’s considered the “sister” of the famous Wienerschnitzel from Austria.
The traditional dishes from Milan, offered by the gourmet restaurants too, feature vegetables soups and a number of main courses.
Among these the veal “ossobuco” stands out.
It is a piece of veal shank with its marrow that is cooked in butter with broth, followed by “cassoeula” made with pieces of pork and cabbages, then the mixed fried dish with entrails and brain and the stew tripe also called “busecca”; people from Milan used to eat that in such great quantities to be called “busecconi” (great busecca eaters).

The best known sweet is the Christmas “Panettone” that was born from the skill of a chef named Toni: with flour, butter, eggs, citron peel and some raisin he invented what is nowadays called the “Tony’s bread” that is the Panettone.

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