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Eating out in Milan is a sensing experience; it’s a town featured by an International nature and its multiethnic restaurants – the true ambassadors of the International food culture – are going to welcome their customers and visitors at Expo 2015. 

 You’ll be spoiled from choice: the Milan Expo chefs will delight you with dishes from all over the world, astonishingly matched to amazing types of wine that highlight their flavours and tastes. And besides the content, the “location” is not to be outdone: their charming atmosphere reproduce and goes along with traditions of the Country they represent. Beyond the International Milan that offers a wide choice from every corner of the world, there are also the historical restaurants that focus on the territory.

The two situations live side by side and assure high quality and tradition, they match local tastes to exotic ones and they offer fanciful comparisons among different typical dishes. Without putting aside the authenticity that is always walking hand to hand with imagination and mastery. The classical dishes are re-interpreted and they can even become lighter and more contemporary. Since past and future will meet at Milan Expo 2015 to welcome the world. Also and above all around a table.

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