Getting around by Bike in Milan

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Milan by bike
Like other major european cities, Milan aims to enhance the development and the use of bicycles in the city streets, as alternative means of transport to the car. In the city of Milan and its surroundings there are more than 140 km of cycle paths that run on the road, or in protected lanes indicated by the sign, and avenues of the city parks: the Sempione park, the gardens of Via Pallavicini, Public Gardens Indro Montanelli in via Palestro and others. The statistics show a steady increase in the use of the bike, especially in the center and along certain lines.

In the city is active BikeMi Bike Sharing, born in December 2008. The service, more than just a bicycle, is a tool of sustainable mobility, integrated with other forms of urban transportation. It is in fact a real public transport system promoted by the ATM. The service is open 365 days a year from 7.00 am to 24 during the winter period, from 7.00 to 02.00 in the summer and has over 3.000 bicycles. There are more than two hundred - and they are growing - active stations distributed throughout the city; BikeMi these locations are located near: railway stations, metro stations, universities, hospitals, places of tourist interest, administrative centers, malls and parking lots.

The service includes various modes of use through Annual subscriptions or subscriptions Occasional (weekly or daily) available for purchase via website, ATM Point (stations Duomo - Cadorna - Loreto - Romolo - Stazione Centrale - Garibaldi FS) or by calling Toll Free ATM 800.80.81.81
Payment can be made ​​only via credit card rechargeable VISA or MasterCard.

The service is designed primarily for short trips to be integrated with the use of public transport ATM.
The maximum use of the bicycle is a time of two hours, the first 30 minutes are free and each use will be charged at a rate of € 0.50 per 30 minutes, following the first, up to two hours.
You can use the service several times a day and between a refund and a new levy is enough to spend about ten minutes.
You must be 16 years of age.

For more information:

Click on the photo to see the stations BikeMi 


Bike + subway
To those who use the bike, any bike, and want to use the public transport, ATM allows, in certain times, free transport of bicycles in the metro.
Each passenger is equipped with a ticket can carry with you, free of charge, a bicycle. This service is provided on the entire subway network:

- Weekday until the start of the service at 7.00 am, from 10.30 to 4 pm, from 8 pm at the end of the service
- Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, from the beginning to the end of the service
- In the month of August every day from the beginning to the end of the service.
- The service is suspended in December.

For any further information: Call center ATM 800.80.81.81

Ride a bike
There are several websites designed for those who want to move by bicycle within the municipality of Milan; these portals present as main function the ability to calculate the ideal path to reach a particular destination with the use of the bike. In addition to the description of the route are also provided various details regarding the specific characteristics of the road (bicycle lane or not, cobblestone etc) and the ability to use certain services (fountains, bike assistant service, BikeMi etc).

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