Getting around in Milan by Car

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On arriving near Milan you can choose to leave your car in a parking adjacent to metro stops multiple devices, and then use public transport to reach the city center. If you decide to keep your vehicle you must inquire about the rules of the "Centralissima Area C", the possibilities for parking or even consider the alternative of a car sharing.


Area C
From 16 January 2012 for access by private vehicle within the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), bounded by the "Cerchia dei Bastioni", you must pay an entrance ticket. This area, known as Area C (Congestion Charge), is bounded by 43 inputs electronically controlled cameras that detect all cars entering, recognizing the license plate number of the vehicle in good standing and those without permission.
The measure is on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 7.30 am to 7.30 pm and on Thursdays from 7.30 am to 6 pm

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Circulate freely in Area C:
means of public transport, taxis, electric vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds (motorcycles, three and four wheels), hybrid vehicles, vehicles fueled by natural gas and LPG.

Not enter Area C:
vehicles fueled by gasoline/diesel Euro 0, 1, 2, 3, Euro 0 gasoline-powered vehicles, vehicles with a length of more than 7.50 meters. In all these cases are possible exceptions.

Can circulate in Area C prior payment:
gasoline powered vehicles Euro 1 and later vehicles fueled by gasoline/diesel Euro 4 and later and vehicles powered by gasoline/diesel Euro 4 without a filter.
The coupon that you have to buy to enter Area C has daily duration and the payment of an admission covers all accesses made ​​by the same vehicle during the day. There are various types of input: daily, resident vehicle, vehicle service, and multi-day ticket including hours of parking in garages convention. All entries made in Area C must be settled on the day of entry or, at most, by midnight the next day. The coupon can be purchased at: Telepass Resales authorized (tobacco shops, newsstands, ATMs Point), on the site of the town, ATM's Intesa San Paolo, parking meters and garages convention.

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Click on photo for see various types of Ticket AreaC

acquisto areaC


In the center and in most areas Milan's parking regulations is characterized by blue and yellow striped with fares, schedules and methods indicated in the various signs. The yellow lines demarcating the areas reserved for residents with the special mark. The blue lines delimit the areas where parking is permitted to charge for short periods of time, through exposure of the card in the car Sosta Milano "scratch and park" or cutting of the parking meter. In some areas it is possible to park in areas marked by blue lines through the payment through SMS service SostaMilanoSMS (for information: )
Owners of the "mark with disabilities" can park for free in special areas, in parking spaces available and spaces reserved for residents.
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garages payment
If you wish to leave their car in the vicinity of metro stations, railway stations, etc. .. and be able to take advantage of the public transport service, you can make use of the various car parks managed by ATM. In this case, the stop in the parking lots is not guarded.
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car sharing
In recent times also in Milan is catching a new philosophy of the use of the car that turns its attention to the possibility of car sharing. In this way you can get rid of the maintenance costs of a private car and enjoy the benefits of car sharing, especially for short trips citizens. There are several benefits to this type of service regarding access Area C, lanes and parking in the center or not. These are some possibilities:

Guidami is thwww.car2go.comr-sharing service operated by the City of Milan and ATM. They are available in various types of cars and you can also travel outside Milan
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Car2go provides its Smart two-seater for a service that covers part of the urban area of Milan. The car2go car parks are not constrained to fixed.
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Eni has recently launched the service Enjoy, the car sharing service that covers the entire city of Milan. Are available for the Fiat 500 and Fiat 500L.
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EQ Sharing
EQ Sharing is the first all-electric car sharing. You can as well withdraw from the Islands Digital green car and then leave the vehicle in any other Digital Island.
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Twist (With Innovative Transport Sustainable Technology) is a new operator that provides car Volkswagen Up equipped with a patented system for the reduction of CO2 emissions. This car-sharing service that does not provide for the obligation to return the car to the place where it was taken.
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