Getting around in Milan by Taxi

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As an alternative to public transport or cycling is possible to move to the street in Milan by taking advantage of the taxi service. Taxis in Milan are about 6.000 units and are white in color, are active "24 hours and 24" and provide public transportation for a fee. Taxis allow easy access to the various areas of the city with the ability to be able to move in the LTZ and lanes.

You can avail this transport service:
- Finding car parking available in different locations around the city
- Taking the fly, calling with a hand gesture, a taxi available (free taxis have the illuminated sign on)
- By calling the toll-free number tel. 848 814 781
- Calling a radio taxi (you can also book a ride for later.)

Here the numbers:

Yellow Taxi - tel. 02.69.69 

Autoradio Taxi - tel. 02.85.85 

Soc. Coop. Arl. - tel. 02.85.871

Taxi Blu - tel 02.40.40

Arco - tel. 02.67.67

Cooperativa tassisti associati - tel. 02.349.08.09

Etaxi - tel 02.53.53 

La Fontana Centro Servizi Taxi - tel 02.349.20.63

Radio Taxi Freccia - tel. 02.40.00 

Radio Taxi La Martesana - tel. 02.21.81 

Taxi Malpensa (aeroporto Malpensa) - tel

ICTM Consorzio Taxi Malpensa (aeroporto Malpensa) - tel. 800.911.333