How to move to Milan in Waterways

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Water has always been the protagonist in the history of Lombardy and Milan, the tradition goes back to the construction of canals, which proved important channels of defense, irrigation and communication. The canals were also used for the construction of the Cathedral as were used for the transport of marble from Candoglia, in the Val d'Ossola, was brought to Milan to be used in the construction of the Cathedral. They were then made ​​important extensions and regulatory systems were improved thanks to the public; Leonardo da Vinci was one of the engineers of this important intervention.

Over the last few centuries almost all the traits citizens of canals were covered but the dense irrigation network that characterizes the rural area of the city is still an integral part of the landscape. On the occasion of Expo 2015 and the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life" water main food for humanity and the earth can not but be a protagonist. In this context, it is planned for the city of Milan a meaningful plan, called "Water Ways", aimed at upgrading the waterways of Milan and the creation of new bike lanes around the city.

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The project of the Expo "Water Streets" provides a link between Canale Villoresi and Naviglio Grande passing through the Area of the Expo and the parks to the west of Milan. The first part of this section, the Villoresi Canal Area-Expo, provides a length of 7.3 km while the second part, Expo Area-Grand Canal, is a stretch of 11.4 km. The project involves the redevelopment of the relevant channels, the dock, the ancient port of Milan, and the Piazza XXIV Maggio which becomes pedestrianized square. 

For more information on the project "Darsen":

The Ways of Water will be integrated in a real mobility system consists of cycling routes for a circuit of about 125 km. The route winds through the channels and the Groane Park to the north and west parks: Parco delle Cave, Woods in the city, Trenno Park, Park of Fountains. A stretch of 20 km of this circuit will connect just the area of the Expo with the dock.