How to reach Milan by Car

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Milan is located in a very favorable geographical position for the ways of communication that, given the central location in the Po Valley, allows the Lombard capital to be easily connected to the seaside, to the mountains, to the lakes and to the main European centers; in less of two hours to cross the border to reach Italian Switzerland and in less than three hours we arrive in the french territory. Milan then, even for commercial and industrial buildings, is well served by the motorway network. Let's see below the main roads in the Milan area.


Milan is surrounded by a ring of ring roads that make up a total network of 184 km. Serravalle - Milano Tangenziali S.p.A is the company that manages the network infrastructure in the territory of Milan and Lombardy. Through the ring of the four ring roads (North, South, East and West), you can take in the various motorways that start or go from Milan.

 In view of Expo 2015 Milano Serravalle-Milano Tangenziali contributes to "E015 – Digital Ecosystem" as an End User Application Provider through the creation of "Cash Parking Interchange of PMV" (Variable Message Signs). This application allows you to display on the dashboard of operating "Radio Information Centre” status of the parking ATM correspondence. It is expected that operators can use this data to expose the panels, visible to users, information relating to the availability of vacancies within the parks themselves.

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Milan is a major hub of communication as it represents a meeting point for the lines that connect the north and south of Italy. At the same time looks like Milan route of entry for Northern Europe and the Iberian-gauge is located on the Balkans. In Italy, as in almost all member states, the symbol that identifies the highways is composed of two separate carriageways with an overpass above them. Italy is part of that group of countries that use the green highway signs. Here are main highways that pass through Milan.

A4 Torino-Trieste

The motorway A4 Torino-Trieste, also called "Serenissima" in its central section through the entire Po Valley along the stretch from Turin then goes to Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Verona (where it crosses the A22 going to Brennero) up to Sistiana, near Trieste and the state border with Slovenia. This highway, in the context of the Italian road network, it is an important element because it is part of the European strategic director that connects the end of the Iberian Peninsula with the nations of the Balkans. The A4 is not a single body, but is divided into two sections of the urban area of Milan, at which there is a sudden Freeway; intersects the A4, close to the light Ghisolfa Milan, with the West Ring Road and near the Agrate, with the East Ring Road The Milan-Bergamo has been expanded to four lanes over to the emergency lane and is the route that allows you to reach the International Airport of Orio al Serio (BG).

A1 Milan-Naples

The A1 motorway, called the "Highway of the Sun" with its 761.3 km, is the longest highway Italian. This important section connects Milan to Naples via Bologna, Florence and Rome. You can take the A1 to the south-east of Milan at the junction of San Donato Milanese, which is in fact the continuation of the East Freeway near San Giuliano Milanese A1 highway connects with the West Ring.

A7 Milan- Genoa

The A7 is the stretch of road that connects Milan to Genoa, the capital of Liguria and most important seaport. You can take the A7 motorway from the town already Piazza Maggi, Famagosta area (MM2), and after this first urban stretch the highway, at the junction of Assam, intersects with the West Ring. The highway is called the “Serravalle” or “Highway of Jupiters” because, in his tract Ligurian through the Pass of Jupiter.

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A8/A9 Milano-Laghi

The A8 motorway (Milano- Varese), along the A9 motorway (Milan-Como) is commonly called “Motorway of the Lakes". This highway was built in the twenties and was the first example in the world of modern highway ; with this concept is still valid, you wanted to understand the idea of reserving a large stretch of road traffic fast, thus excluding wagons, carriages, bicycles or pedestrians and providing for the payment of a toll fixed. The A9 is a branch of the A8 from Lainate leads to Como and from there to the customs for Switzerland. The motorway route continues there in Switzerland and is a primary link for Northern Europe.
The stretch A8 connects Milan to Varese with a distance of 42.6 km and on this route have been established salient changes: the highway that connects Malpensa 2000 with Malpensa Airport, the construction of a fourth lane on the Milan-Lainate and the release of the new Fiera Milano Rho.
The motorway A8/A26, currently known as branch - Gallarate Gattico, connects the A8 to the A26 (Genoa-Gravellona Toce) with a short course that has been designed with the aim of being able to connect Domodossola and the traffic coming from Sempione and then to be able to facilitate the traffic that is directed or arriving from Switzerland and rest of Europe.